Frequently Ask Questions

1. Who are we?

The team behind picktheworld.org includes a web developer/programmer and two professional fruit pickers, who together have had over 40 fruit picking jobs in Australia, New Zealand and Canada over the last six years.

2. Why did we start picktheworld.org?
3. What is our main goal?
4. Why does your website only include three countries?
5. How we can help you?
6. How can you help us and the other pickers?
7. I was looking for a fruit picking company I know but I can’t find it on your website. What can I do?
8. I filled a “feedback” form and / or a “add a company” form on your website, but it doesn’t seem that they appear yet online. Is it normal?
9. I found out that some information on one or several company profiles already published are wrong or incomplete. Can I modify it?
10. You published a feedback that I filled on your website, but there are some mistakes and/or I want to modify some parts of this feedback. How can I do it?
11. Why can’t I see the feedback and/or the contact details on the company profiles?

Let us know if there are any other questions you ask yourself about any part of our project, so we can add these questions to the FAQ.