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One day in a Cherry Picker’s shoes

On March 15, 2015, Posted by , In Cherry Picking, Picking, With 2 Comments

Cherry season is now over in the southern hemisphere, we all know what that means: the end of summer (how sad is that… but don’t cry too much, cherries will be back next year!). Thanks to Camille Cherry, we will now be able to remember all the highlights of the…

Prepare your cherry season in New Zealand

On December 1, 2014, Posted by , In Cherry Picking, New Zealand, Picking, With 19 Comments

Don’t miss the early season!

Even compared to Australia, New Zealand is a small cherry producer with only one major production area : Central Otago. There are some early orchards in the North Island around Hastings, and in the South Island around Blenheim, but they are quite small and all together, they represent only a few picking jobs : that’s why it’s so important to contact them 2 or 3 month in advance to book one!

Prepare your cherry season in Australia

On December 1, 2014, Posted by , In Australia, Cherry Picking, Picking, With No Comments

Up to 100 picking days !

Australia has one of the longest cherry season in the world, which is permitted by a diversity of production areas through different climatic zones. Cherry picking can start there as early as October 15-20th and can last till February 20th.