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Welcome to the freak show!

This art project came to my mind while picking those damn lovely apples in New Zealand. As every apple picker knows, it can be a pretty boring job (not to mention how hard is it on the body). My days went suddenly a lot faster while trying to collect as many “freak apple” as I could!
Horticulture is still far from always providing the “perfect” product that consumers want (or should I say that marketing wants?). Sometimes nature creates pretty interesting (and weird!) apples. I came to the rescue of those creatures who certainly would have been rejected at the packinghouse otherwise. This is a second chance for these apples to show you their own particular beauty. I hope you’ll love them as much as I did because everybody deserves to be loved! 😉

3 Comments so far:

  1. CamilleCherry says:

    Love it!! when good looking fruits end up eaten and forgotten, those weirdos will leave a trail!

  2. Roots says:

    Awesome! I love “Super Apple”, protector of the weaks and defenseless fruits ^^

  3. milahbee says:

    Hello, i am jamilah from malaysia and i will be travelling to south island new zealand 4th to 9th march 2017.we are not looking for a job picking apple or any fruits but we are excited to see a fruit farm where we pick pay and eat.can you suggest where i can enjoy picking apples and buying them also.

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