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Western Australia - Crop harvest calendar

Beware: data might be incomplete, vague or missing for some crops in this area. Always enquire about job availability toward the farmer before moving to a specific area.

  • Apple (Thinning) Nov-01 to Dec-31 
  • Apple (Picking) Fev-01 to May-31 
  • Apricot (Picking) Oct-20 to Dec-31 
  • Avocado (Picking) Aug-01 to Jan-31 
  • Banana (Picking) Jan-01 to Dec-31 
  • Blueberry (Picking) Dec-01 to Mar-31 
  • Cherry (Picking) Nov-01 to Jan-10 
  • Cherry (Pruning) Jan-15 to Fev-28 
  • Citrus (Picking) Jan-01 to Dec-31 
  • Grape (table) (Picking) Nov-01 to Apr-15 
  • Grape (wine) (Picking) Fev-10 to May-20 
  • Grape (wine) (Pruning) Jun-01 to Aug-31 
  • Mandarin (Picking) May-01 to Oct-15 
  • Mango (Picking) Oct-01 to Mar-31 
  • Melon (Picking) May-01 to Dec-15 
  • Nectarine (Picking) Sep-20 to Fev-10 
  • Olive (Picking) May-15 to Sep-15 
  • Peach (Picking) Sep-20 to Fev-10 
  • Pear (Picking) Fev-01 to Apr-30 
  • Plum (Picking) Nov-01 to Fev-28 
  • Pumpkin (Picking) May-20 to Mar-31 
  • Rockmelon (Picking) May-01 to Dec-15 
  • Strawberry (Picking) Jul-15 to Jan-31 
  • Tomato (Picking) Jan-01 to Dec-31 
  • Tree planting (Planting) Apr-01 to Jul-31 
  • Watermelon (Picking) May-01 to Dec-15 
  • Zucchini (Picking) May-01 to Sep-30 
  • Apple (Thinning)
    Nov-01 to Dec-31
  • Apple (Picking)
    Fev-01 to May-31
  • Apricot (Picking)
    Oct-20 to Dec-31
  • Avocado (Picking)
    Aug-01 to Jan-31
  • Banana (Picking)
    Jan-01 to Dec-31
  • Blueberry (Picking)
    Dec-01 to Mar-31
  • Cherry (Picking)
    Nov-01 to Jan-10
  • Cherry (Pruning)
    Jan-15 to Fev-28
  • Citrus (Picking)
    Jan-01 to Dec-31
  • Grape (table) (Picking)
    Nov-01 to Apr-15
  • Grape (wine) (Picking)
    Fev-10 to May-20
  • Grape (wine) (Pruning)
    Jun-01 to Aug-31
  • Mandarin (Picking)
    May-01 to Oct-15
  • Mango (Picking)
    Oct-01 to Mar-31
  • Melon (Picking)
    May-01 to Dec-15
  • Nectarine (Picking)
    Sep-20 to Fev-10
  • Olive (Picking)
    May-15 to Sep-15
  • Peach (Picking)
    Sep-20 to Fev-10
  • Pear (Picking)
    Fev-01 to Apr-30
  • Plum (Picking)
    Nov-01 to Fev-28
  • Pumpkin (Picking)
    May-20 to Mar-31
  • Rockmelon (Picking)
    May-01 to Dec-15
  • Strawberry (Picking)
    Jul-15 to Jan-31
  • Tomato (Picking)
    Jan-01 to Dec-31
  • Tree planting (Planting)
    Apr-01 to Jul-31
  • Watermelon (Picking)
    May-01 to Dec-15
  • Zucchini (Picking)
    May-01 to Sep-30