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Picking VS Packing

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What job would best suit you?

When you first start looking for a picking job, you often don’t realize that actually, many of them don’t involve any picking at all. If it’s true that harvesting a crop in an orchard employs pickers, processing those products usually requires more seasonal workers than the picking itself

Be honest to be the best

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My first reaction when I’ve seen professional fruit pickers at work was probably the same as every newbie: « Oh my god: it’s just impossible to be so quick, they must be cheating in some ways to reach this level of speed! ». Then, of course, my next mission was to discover what was their secret to cheat, so I could try it myself! Easy?… Not really! Because I have to tell you the truth: there is NO cheating secret to be revealed! After spending a long time watching the real good pickers, I had to admit that it was just about experience and nothing else ; and that I was better starting now to improve my technique, otherwise I would never become a pro myself!

Prepare your cherry season in New Zealand

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Don’t miss the early season!

Even compared to Australia, New Zealand is a small cherry producer with only one major production area : Central Otago. There are some early orchards in the North Island around Hastings, and in the South Island around Blenheim, but they are quite small and all together, they represent only a few picking jobs : that’s why it’s so important to contact them 2 or 3 month in advance to book one!

Prepare your cherry season in Australia

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Up to 100 picking days !

Australia has one of the longest cherry season in the world, which is permitted by a diversity of production areas through different climatic zones. Cherry picking can start there as early as October 15-20th and can last till February 20th.