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To help you to determine if it could be your future employer, we try to give you as much information as possible on every company profile. But as some people asked us more precisions about the displayed information, here is a post to explain how to get the best out of these profiles.

Company Type



This company is only growing fruits and/or veggies but doesn’t have any facilities to pack, sort or process them. It means that they will only employ field workers (pickers, tractor drivers, supervisors, quality controllers, etc.)



This company is not growing any fruits and/or veggies but is packing, sorting or processing them on the behalf of one or several growers. It means that they will only employ factory workers (packers, graders, stackers, forklift drivers, etc.)


Farm + Packhouse

This company is growing fruits and/or veggies but also owns facilities to sort and pack them. It means that they will employ field workers (pickers, tractor drivers, supervisors, quality controllers, etc.), but also factory workers (packers, graders, stackers, forklift drivers, etc.)



A contractor hires workers and provide them to companies who don’t want to be involved in recruitment themselves. He acts as an intermediate between the workers (field workers or factory workers) and the farms and/or packinghouse, and take a commission for this service. If he hires you, then he is your employer and that’s him who is in charge of paying you. It’s always better to work directly for the main company when possible, but in some places (especially in some part of Australia and New Zealand) the farms only hire temporary workers through a contractor, so you might not have the choice.


Working Hostel

It’s a backpacker’s hostel which is providing people staying in their facilities with temporary work (mostly in farms or factories). They have agreements with local farmers and/or contractors to make sure that you can have the job only if you stay at the hostel. As contractors, they are intermediates, and you should try to avoid going through them unless you really can’t find a way to work directly for an employer (which is unfortunately often the case in some cities in Australia and New Zealand (e.g.: Mildura, Bundaberg, Shepparton, Blenheim)).

Seasonal Workers


We are certain that this company is employing seasonal workers (or at least has been in the recent years). It doesn’t necessarily means that they are hiring right now, but depending on the products they grow and/or process you can find out when they are usually looking for workers.


We are not 100% sure that this company is hiring seasonal workers, but looking at its size and/or other considerations, it is likely that they do. So contact them to figure out… and let us know so we can improve our services.


 We are certain that this company is not hiring seasonal workers, but some might look for voluntary workers/wwoofers from time to time. We are trying not to register too many companies in this category on our website, as our main goal is to help seasonal workers to find a job.



This company is certified organic.


This company isn’t certified organic (but might be using other sustainable practices)


We don’t know. If you do,… let us know!


This section lists all the fruits and veggies that are grown and/or packed and/or processed by this company. If some products are missing, let us know and we will add them.

Business number

You might need the business number of the companies you worked for while filling your tax declaration (especially in Australia). This number is also helpful if you need to contact the government authorities for any matter regarding your employment (e.g. when contacting Fairwork Ombudsman or the Tax Office)

For the companies based in Australia, this is the ABN (Australian Business Number).

For the companies based in New Zealand, this is the CN (Company Number).

Job application form online

yes  This company has an online recruitment process on its website

no This company might have some pdf form to download for job application  and/or an email address for employment, but no real online recruitment procedure.


We try to verify the adress of every company appearing on our website, but if you see a mistake feel free to contact us.


Special Tip: Using the satellite view of Google Maps can help you to determine the size of the farm. It’s also a good tool to figure out if there are many other farms around this one. If so, it could be a good initiative to directly drive there and ask for jobs in the farms that are not registered on Pick The World yet. At anytime, you can register new farms on our website by using this online form.

Crop harvest calendar

One of the common mistake while looking for a fruitpicking job is to wait the last minute, and arrive in an area when the season is already started. Then, finding a good job is often difficult, as most of the good farms organize their recruitment in advance.

capture calendar

This crop harvest calendar should help you to figure out where and when the seasons are starting for each fruit and vegetable, so it will be easier to plan your jobs in advance. You must keep in mind that those calendars are reffering to a state, a province or a region as a whole and therefore don’t represent the exact dates for a specific farm. Eventually, we are aiming at providing specific seasonal dates for every farm, but to achieve this goal we need your feedback about the farms you already worked for.

We hope this post has been useful and will help you to optimize your utilization of our website. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need some more clarification on anything.

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